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About The Dangerous Store for Boys

In recent years, the nature of “playing” for boys has become dominated by the powerful influence of electronic gaming; traditional means of satisfying the natural quest for adventure, the search for mystery, the need for speed, the thrill of competition have been usurped by fantastic virtual environments.  The skills required to survive those adventures have been reduced to mind numbing tolerance to motion sickness, thumb dexterity and wrist action; hardly the skills to carry them in the real world.  The Dangerous Store for Boys  addresses the un-met, real need for adventure, interaction, and discovery targeted to boys and their fathers who want to share the real world with them (having miserably un-evolved thumbs).  

Our Mission

The mission of The Dangerous Store for Boys is to create a sense of excitement and adventure with a focus on "experiential play" for boys of all ages, providing creative toy, hobby, and adventure products.  The tag line of "tremendous toys, tricks, tools, and treacherous activities for boys of all ages" sets our merchandising vision.  The on-line store brings together exciting products from the the best merchants on-line retailing has to offer and provides a community area with articles and blogs aligned with the "experiential play" theme.

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We would love to hear from you.  If you have feedback for us, ideas, or want to be part of helping The Dangerous Store for Boys grow.  Please contact us at