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The Dangerous Store Merchants

We constantly search for the coolest stuff from well known, reliable merchants that you know and trust to find the best Dangerous Products. 

[] Shop at the Discovery Channel Store. Hammacher Schlemmer Shop at the World's Largest Music Gear Company! Northern Logo Free Shipping For Orders Over $99 Logo 88x31 88x31 REI Logo - Outdoor gear and clothing for climbing, hiking, skiing, camping, and backpacking. Your Adventure Starts Here Bass Pro Shops
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Hammacher Schlemmer is a great "Dangerous Store" all by itself. They get it; and their products and service are top of the line. Hammacher Schlemmer Homepage

The Discovery Store continues to come up with exciting offerings from games and toys to adventure activities.

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There is nothing more "dangerous" than a face melting guitar solo.  Its really not hard to learn to play (why do you think there are so many guitar players out there?) Buy a guitar, take a lesson, start a band.  Musicians Friend is a great resource for all your music gear.

15% Off Select Accessories at Musician's Friend
Northern Tool is another great Dangerous Store. Lot's of gadgets and good stuff. NorthernTool Home Page 2